About Gigi

Cate Looney and  Nicole Esdaile

Gigi is the personality and brand of our little wine company, Wednesday Wines.

Gigi was born on a Wednesday....Champagne Wednesday, a weekly tasting tradition with some great winemaking friends. We live in one of the only regions in Australia with vineyards truly suitable for the finest of sparkling wine, so lets make our own! And so it began...

Gigi debuted in October 2011 with the release of the 2010 Blanc de Blancs from Collina del Re vineyard in Whitlands (King Valley GI) and the 2011 Prosecco from Greenacres vineyard at the base of Mt Buffalo (Alpine Valley GI).  Both wines are made to our own personal taste, with minimal intervention, allowing the fruit to 'do the talking' with clean, crisp, elegant and enduring aromas and flavours. 

We really hope you enjoy Gigi's company as much as we do!

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